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Counseling Services

Counseling for Individuals, Couples & Families


What type of Counseling is this? The biblical counseling at North Shore is based on principles found in God's word. Bible-based counseling differs a great deal from other popular or secular counseling ("heavenly wisdom vs. human wisdom") James 3:13-18. Currently, there are over 250 different approaches to counseling practice. Most of them have been extracted, in one form or another, from man's own understanding of his problems and how to fix them. Some of these counseling models - while calling themselves 'Christian' - employ only vague references to Christian themes without complete reliance on the interpretations and principals found in God's word.














What is the Goal of Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling has as its primary goal to help a person or a family become," God kind of person". The goal of biblical counseling is not to make the person feel better or simply to remove the problem. This will hopefully take place, but the goal is bigger than that.


2 Cor. 5:9 says, "So we make it our goal to please Him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it". The goal of biblical counseling is to come alongside a person and help them to solve their problems in a God honoring way.


What kind of concerns do people that come for counseling have? We see folks with all kinds of problems, but the most common would be those struggling in their marriage, helping parents with their children, those dealing with sexual sin, and those struggling with their emotions (depression, anger, worry, guilt). In all cases, we use the Bible, God's Sufficient word, to answer the problems of life. 1Pet. 1:3.







When are Appointments Available?


Counseling is presently offered Tuesday thru Thursday, between 6PM and 8PM.


How can an Appointment be Made?


Inquires can be made by calling the church office (239-656-1553) or speaking directly to a pastor. A form for counseling will be sent to you (or downloaded) and will need to be completed prior to the initial appointment. Once the form is received a counselor will contact you to set up an initial session.


What is Expected of the Counselee?

The counselee must be willing to:

o    Sign the Consent to Biblical Counseling form provided.

o    Agree to place yourself under the authority of the Elders of North Shore. Matthew 18:15-20

o    Regularly attend a Sunday service at North

Shore (or your sponsoring church).

o    Complete any assigned homework prior to the counseling appointment (assignments may include reading materials, listening to CDs. Worksheets, and Scripture memorization etc.). The counselor reserves the right to discontinue any counseling if the counselee consistently refuses to complete homework assignments.

o    Arrive on time for each appointment and call if needing to reschedule.


How often will Appointments be scheduled?


A Counselor will usually meet with a counselee usually once a week to allow the counselee adequate time to complete the homework assignments.

What will be the Length of each Counseling Session?


Generally Counseling session are 45-60 minutes long; however the initial meeting may take longer.

How Long does the Counseling Process usually Take?


Typically, the counselor and counselee will meet for 6-12 sessions spread out over a period of several months.


What is the Cost?

There is no cost for the counseling, but each counselee may be expected to pay for any materials such as books and CDs. However, donations to the Biblical Counseling Ministry are greatly appreciated. 

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